About Me


When I bought my house twelve years ago I had about seven unsightly radiators throughout the house.  My wife and I went online to try and find someone who could make radiator covers for us.  After searching for about three weeks, we both came to the conclusion that we were going to have to take the measurements ourselves and send them to someone who was not willing to come to our house and measure.  Uncomfortable with that idea, I decided I would make the covers myself.  So I did.  A few short months later, I was making covers for friends and family.  I then realized that there was a need for this service, but not many people who did it, so I contacted an old friend who was able to design me a one page website.  The very next day, the phone rang and I had my first "paying" customer.  Ever since that day, the phone has never stopped ringing, and I am forever grateful for that.  I have made it my goal to treat every customer like family.  If you need me to come to your house and measure , I will gladly do so.  

Thank you for your interest in my company and I look forward to working with you.